Modewarre Football and Netball Club -

Our History

Started in 1879, Modewarre Football and Netball Club Inc provides avenues for all ages.

For the very young, we have Auskick and Netta which focus on building confidence and understanding without the pressure of competition. As our members gain in age, confidence and experience they can advance through to competitive play with the Warriors and become representatives of regional and state teams.

Our Junior Netball caters for players starting at 11 and under and our Junior Football for players starting at 9 and under. We have one of the strongest team structures in the league, competing at entry level, with teams at each age level, all the way through to seniors. Our team is supported by energetic and experienced coaches and administrators to ensure we have strong and capable players moving up through the ranks to seniors.

Our club philosophy is, however, about more than just winning. It is about each and every player developing their skills and enjoyment of the games they play. We see our approach as an investment in the future, ours and our players.

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