Modewarre Football and Netball Club - COMMITTEE CONTACT DETAILS

Committee & Governance


The Modewarre Football and Netball Club vision is to be a 'Great Country Club'. The Club has a proud history of over 143 years of providing recreational, sporting and social opportunities for the community. Our purpose is to encourage participation in football and netball across all age groups and develop our players to their full potential through skill development, fitness, fair play and teamwork. We will do this in a safe, fun and supportive community environment that welcomes new members and new ideas. The club is on the threshold of an exciting new era in its history, with upgraded facilities, new senior football coaching staff and a vibrant local community. On behalf of the Committee, I welcome all new and existing players, parents and supporters to the Modewarre Football and Netball Club for season 2022.

Structure, Roles & Responsibilities


At the core of our culture are our values, which reflect the way we all want to be treated.

Combined, they remind us we are striving to be GREAT:

  • Gis for Givingit our best. We are committed and we recognise effort.
  • Ris for Respect. We are respectful of people and act with integrity.
  • Eis for Equality. We treat everyone equally.
  • Ais for Accountability. We take responsibility for our actions and are transparent.
  • Tis for Teamwork. We get in there and help out as a team, we support and encourage.

Code of Conduct

2022 Committee

Position Name Phone Number Email
Chairman Paul Grossman 0419007661
Vice Chairman Michael Fitzgerald 0438103387
Treasurer Meagan McCartney 0407257755
SecretaryJulie Vanessa Bourk 0418334485
Football President Daniel Morter 0405367614
Netball President Emily Hickey 0400978510
Past Players President Dale McInnes 0408365669
Customary Members Nathan Lacey
Wendy Boddington

Junior Coordinators-Football

Hazel Bradley
Melissa Pearce

Junior Coordinator- Netball


Social- Senior

Social- Junior
Bar Manager


Social Media Coordinator

Buildings & Grounds

Grants & Applications Jarrod McCartney 0407257722
Canteen Manager
Wednesday Night Dinners
Thursday Night Dinners

Fundraising- Junior

Fundraising- Senior
Junior Customary Members

Membership coordinator
Welfare Officer- Senior Football

Welfare Officer- Senior Netball

Welfare Officer- Junior
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